Saturday, March 30, 2013

b4 i say gnyte..

live life.

dun exist. live. get out. and explore.
thrive. challenge authority. challenge urself.
evolve. change forever.
become who u say u will. keep moving. dun stop. start the revolution.
become a freedom fighter. become a superhero. jst becoz everyone doesnt knw ur name - 
doesnt mean u dun matter.

are u happy? hav u ever been happy? wat hav u done today to matter? 
did u exist or did u live? and how did u thrive?

become a chameleon - fit in anywhere. be a rockstar - stand out everywhere. do nthg, do everythg.
forget everythg, remember everyone. care - dun jst pretend.
listen to everyone. and listen to urself. love everyone, and nthg at the same time.
its impossible to be everythg, but u cant stop trying to do it all.
all i knw is dat i hav no idea wat i am writing now - but i knw it'll mean somethg - at the end of dis.

and i feel like i am in training for somethg, making progress wit every step i take.
i fear standing still. it is my greatest weakness.
i gotta move on, and leave all shyte behind.

i talk big sometime, but often dun follow thru. dats my biggest problem. 
i dun even knw wat to think rite now. i shldve been sleeping -
but u can see dat i am not, now.
u mght think its about time i start to take a jump.
f*ck starting to take. jst jump - over everythg. leap.
its time to be aggressive. 
u've started to speak ur mind, now keep goin wit it -
but not wit the intention of sparking controversy or pickin a germane fight.
get ur gloves on, its time for rebirth.
theres no room for the nice guys in the history books - do u knw dat?

dis is the start of a revolution. the revolution is ur life. my life.
the goal is immortality. lets live life hun.
lets feel alive at all times. take no prisoners.
hold no soul unaccountable, esp not ur own.
if sthg doesnt happen - gez whos fault it is?

make dis moment ur reckoning. ur head has been held under water for too long
and its time to rise up and take ur first true breath.
do everythg wit exact calculation,
nthg w/o meaning.
dun make careful ur words, but no excuses for wat u say.
f*ck em all. set a goal for everyday -
and never get tired.


darn i am not sure if the above is relevant.


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