Monday, March 18, 2013

a looooooooooooooooong day.

darn it was a long day for today. starting as early as 8am - staffs assembly - my head was sort off full wit so many deadlines, stuffs need to be done. some of em dat lepas deadline pun. i wasnt in the ofc last week, if u notice. and today - a bloody Monday. watdya expect.

done wit the assembly - aku was called by the operator to hadir ke bilik mesyuarat 3 - Mesyuarat Pagi. its kinda mesyuarat yg aku malas sgt nak hadir. most of the time - aku excused kan diri aku wit classes, aptments wit stndts and such. but today - i cant. Pengarah sendiri yg called aku turun. its a mesyuarat pagi, on every Monday morning. if u ask me nape aku malas sgt - let me tell u dis - dis is kinda meeting yg lbey byk menceceh, pointing fingers et al. nak kata selesai masalah, tak jgk. dis is the place where u can see the true colors of the bigshots, God sake. since its the meeting for all the Pengarah, TP, Ketua Program, Ketua Unit, Ketua Subjek u knw wat i mean.

so i sat there, sengih2. bila org tnya, aku jwb. otherwise aku sengih2 again tgk all those sensational thgs around me.

10.30am, meeting tak abes lagi. prot lapar. since belum breakfast. and 11am - 1pm, kelas. aku mintak excused, and blah. sempat minum susu wit oat je, trus gegas pi kelas. kelas went well. ok la. 200+ stndts, on Psycho; Ingatan dan Kesedaran.

1pm aku abes kelas. rushed back to the office. tot of driving out and hav my lunch, tgk jam dah 1.20pm. 2pm kelas balik. again - aku ended up telan oat je lagik, tho prot aku screamed for somethg better. 2pm - 5pm, class on Psychology; Stress and Health. alrite. Stress and Health katanya. and i think - i was stressed a bit. and dat was when i've blew my top.

imagine - a long day. 200++ stdnts, topics to cover before they sit for the papers dis Thurs., makan-less dr pagi. and dis one young man, duduk 3rd row dr dpn - was looking down into his lap, suspiciously. thru out my life as a lecturer - bila studnt behaving dat way; there r possibilities - thye mght be sleeping and the head is kinda hanging loose, or they mght be having somethg else in the celah bedah. let say, a hand-phone  aku called dis stdnt out loud, asking if he was sleeping - and he said no. aku asked him y he's lookin down into his lap - is he or not playing wit the phone. and he said, yes.

and it started there.

aku called the stdnt down. aku was controlling my anger, God sake. every classes, like every time - the first class aku mesti bgtau the do's and the dont's time kelas aku. aku tak kisah kalo dorang tak minat. dorg bley tdo. or dorang can leave if they got guts to do so. tp jgn kacau org lain yg nak belajar. and jgn main hand-phone time aku kat depan, lecturing. it was jst my style. aku tak suka. ko suka, ko tak suka - aku cldnt careless. ur in my class, so its my way. 

aku asked him wat hes doin wit the phone. jwb panggilan kecemasan ke? texting back and urgent matter ke? and he boldly said not. aku tnya balik - then u buat apa wit the phone. he said, 'saya baca Twitter'. wow. no sorry. no nthg. aku asked him - either he is or not aware dat he is in my class, and either he is or not remember thgs yg aku bagi tau, awal2 on the first class. and dgn selamba, he said, 'yes'. again -WOW!

aku mintak the hand-phone nicely (it was Blackberry Curve) wit a smile on face - and aku threw it hard rite infront of him - dr stage where i stood. he was surprised. i can see dat very clearly on his face. and suddenly the ego, the cldnt careless attitude on all over his face - gone. and the whole class went into silent. good. aku tak pernah mengamuk dgn budak2 in dis batch. and i did, today. the BB went into pieces. and aku firmly asked him to collect all the pieces, and handed it back to me.

and he did. 

and aku carried on wit the class - smoothly after dat.


by 5pm, aku dah tepu. perot lapar. aku decided to off str8 left the building, and no gym for today. singgah Giant, rayau2 jap - while munch anythg dat i cld found around me. and cant help thinkin about the whole shyte. aku rasa bersalah, hell yeah. but then again - aku tak menyesal. dis mght be the first incident bagi aku caught a stdnt doin it in my class - tp according to other lecturers; budak2 neh mmg rajinmain hand-phone in their class, and they din knw wat to do. warning, tegur - semua dah buat. tp din change a thang. 

aku hope the boy will learn a lesson. may a Curve din mean anythg to him - sah2 la bdk2 neh ada dua tiga bijik smartphone in hand. cuma apa yg aku nak he learn is to respect others. bkn to him je, tp the rest of the class. kalo aku bley spend time, did some reading, prepare material for the class - masuk class bdk perangai mcm tu - how wld u feel? aku tak kisah kalo ko tak minat. sumpah aku tak kisah. ko fail, ko susah. aku tak dak pe pe. tp to stay there, pura2 dgr lecturer, tp main Twitter - itu dah kira kurang ajar.

biar lah. malas aku nak fikir.

esok PutraJaya - a day trip. mesyuarat kajian semula kurikulum Diploma Farmasi, di BPL. last minit baru bagi surat, and panggil pi meeting. haih. ni bukan CME, kak. ini kajian semula kurikulum. tak kan aku nak bwk otak kosong, and tak mampu nak generate a bit of idea etc? haiyooo


nak iron baju, nak tdo. aku penat la wey!


sblm tu, sila dgr lagu neh dulu ya!
Mirrors (Live) - JT.

love it

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