Thursday, February 7, 2013


i never like ular. in any kind, God sake. their nature really drives me crazy. i dun knw, its beyond explanation - for me. i remember coupla close encounter wit em, and it really drives me nuts. be it ppl say dat if u dun go disturbing em, they will be jst fine. and they'll move away. but still.

and its kinda weird when u dream one.

i woke up around 3am to dis kinda dream. aku jenis jarang2 sgt ada mimpi. kalo ada pun - i hardly remember the details. i mean - its like aku tau and realized aku did mimpi somethg, but i cant remember anythg at all about the thg dat i am havin, in the dream. tp mlm tadi - aku remember the details. aku remember it was like someone mcm nak bagi ular kat aku - and sah2 la aku tak nak. its like mcm ular jinak. yg orang dok buat show tu. and it was white in color. 

since aku tak amek - the ular went round in circle, around me. it drives me nuts alrite - tp dia tak plak kaco aku. and dats the weird part. and aku remember aku had dis feeling yg aku nak get rid of it, once the 'tuan' away from me. haih.

by 4am, aku dah wide awake.. and aku cant any longer stay in bed pun. aku walked down, bancuh oat and Milo. aku decided aku nak puasa je lar ari neh.. iron baju. Isyak (since aku tdo awal smlm), hajat and tahajud - off aku mandi. online jap byr bills, emails etc - off aku siap2 and blah. 7am, aku dah kat ofc.

if ur a Freudian, u will understand dat havin dreams in ur sleep is somethg else. but goin thru the net lookin for the interpretation according to Islam - mimpi ular is not kinda good one. i knw, mimpi can jst mimpi. i mght be utterly tired. or perhaps, for the first time like forever, aku tido and i reached my REM, God sake. 

dah la. i shldnt let the ular thang disturb me and the rest of the day. dah la kelas full blast ari neh..

btw - sapa plak la yg bancuh Nescafe neh? sedap bau siak!!

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sue said...

ada org minat kat u la tu zam tak pun ada org nak masuk minang u, tp u yg tak nak.. (dr kejauhan terdgr bunyi kompang, heheheh)