Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thors-day, done.

these 2 funny boys!


me and Lee Yee Pheng.
he Gangnam-ed all the way, solo!! 
dammit he's good.


Susan, a moderate Down Syndrome.
a nice, chatty gal.
tho i hardly understand her well.


another sweet gal,
in cheongsam.


gez wat? dis boy won first place, ok!
he did the catwalk so good,
like nbdy biz!!


Susan, doin her thang.

sampai ofc awal dis morning. aku finished up the anadoctal as requested by Mr Bong, and sent em all up to his room. back to my corner - aku dun really knw wat to do.

ofkoz - theres a lot of thgs to be done. i mean - so many thgs, yet perhaps - i am not sure where and wat to start.. and dat was the time bila aku decided to say 'yes' to Puan Khamimah - my senior, to tag wit her along to hadir program komuniti conducted by Psy Nursing PostBasic kat Sekolah Semangat Maju - a school for those intellectually defect. i mean - those yg mcm Down Syndrome, ADHD, autisme and such. ramai budak2 kat sini. mcm perangai..

and i am telling u the truth - i had fun. its kinda break away for a while from all the shyte dat i am havin at time. budak2 ni buat persembahan, and they r all fun! u knw - Down Syndrome kids  they r full of love, and easily tag along wit u, well - tho they hardly knw u. so ada dua tiga orang kids yg salam aku, cium tgn aku, and dah bley duduk sebelah aku, smiling away - waiting for u to kinda ask him/her q's, to break the ice.

overall - Puan Khamimah nyer stdnts did a very good job. Pengetua skol tu tak abes2 puji dr awal, sampai abes. well, basically - they r my stdnts as well. i spent a lot of hrs teaching em Psychology. and Sociology as well. and they r a bunch of good stndts.

sigh. how i wish i am havin like 90 stdnts yg sebaik mcm ni..   :-(

by noon, aku dah kat ofc. tak sempat mkn - kelas wit bdk2 PostBsc Psy new batch at 2 till 5. on Personality. aku kucked off wit some kinda kuiz, for em to at least knw emselves well - to knw others. it seems like everybdy is enjoyin the class, and i am doin ok too - i think.

5pm - aku dha kat ofc. and kena settled hal budak2 posting Psych. plak.. budak basik. dis one stdnt tak ngam wit the rest of the members in the group - and LP started to complain since tadak kerjasama, katanya. aku called everyone back - and had sort of open table - discussing face to face - as a man.

so, msg2 vent out msg2 nyer isi perut, and dah mcm nak perang. but i managed to handle the whole thg, Alhamdulillah. i hope all of em will be OK after dis. it is hard to change others - ppl's perception, attitude et al. but i believe we can always change ourselve - for betterment. y bother changing and worrying on others while they dun giv it a shyte about it?and y dun we change our own self, for good?

i do hope the boys get my msg. literally, i am tired facing the same shyte again and again.

6.30pm - aku dah kat rumah. Asar belum., and aku missed my gym dah 2 hari now. solat, did some lite work-out at home, mandi and Maghrib. lite din din, Colombiana on Fox HD, and ere i am, now.

think i am goin to crash soon. and i cant wait for trow,. for the weekend, God sake.

gnyte, ppl.

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