Saturday, February 16, 2013


cant sleep tonite, dis is not the first time pun, but its been few days now since aku balik dr Bgn Serai dat is dr rumah mak. i am not sure wats the problem - but i gez the problem is not a problem any more to me now.. now dat i am kinda used to it. 

but then again - its different when ur around the house, u cant sleep yet ur havin a clear mind - for there r a lot of thgs can be done. and to stay awake wit thgs runnin around in ur head - ur tryin to figure out wat the heck it is and u keep runnin in the same circle for u cant find the answer - well dat is somethg else.

and i gez - i am now in one. the running around, not knwg wat the hell is goin wrong.

i knw its weird. when ur keep on thinkin, yet ur not sure wats in ur mind. u wish u cld tear up yr head up, take out yr brain and walk off jst like dat. thus u need not to think about anythg at all. 

perhaps when u get ur soul rest, and u need not to think about thinking, anymore. but then again - how sure it is?

i need some sleep. i cant be like dis, like forever. and taking my sleepin pills, i dun wanna do dat anymore. it wldnt do me good. or perhaps, it wld. at least for tonite. jst for tonite.

coz i cant afford bein behind the wheel up north trow, in dis kinda me. perhaps, dats the reason y i hardly sleep kot. i had no choice, to choose. and dis one - i jst need to face it, and get it done.. at least for dis time around. and by noon, insyaAllah - thgs will be jst like the way it shld be.

and i'll be home. pretending as if nthg goes wrong.


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