Monday, February 11, 2013


there r bad days and worse days. days when i am consumed wit so much fear its almost like i cldnt bear it.

i knw there r other ppl out there who r suffering more than wat i am xperiencing, but smehow i feel like i only c my own prob.and dat no matter wat other ppl say, my fear is real, and its crippling me.

i knw i shld learn to accept myslf, my flaws and all, and learn to love myslf despite my imperfections, bt stimes its jst so hard.

wats wrong wit me? y is it so hard for me to love myslf? y is it so hard to let go of my fear and leare to realize dat i deserve the best in life.

i wish dat someday dat i will be able to set myslf free.