Sunday, January 20, 2013

where wld u be?


wat if?


do u ever sit and think.. wat if? or perhaps, while ur drivin. perhaps, when ur about to dream. and the think of, wat if; hit ur mind. wat if u never said the first hello? wat if u never hav the gut to wish dat someone at the first place - for the first time? wat if ur pathes never crossed? wat if u kept ur mouth shut and jst let thgs past - or wat if u wld hav said jst one more thg?

wat if u had five more minutes? wat if u hav a second chance for ur own life? wat if u jst giv up and let go? and wat if, if ur not? wat if u cld turn back time or make it all jst stand still? so u wont be losing all those beautiful time ur missin now.

wat if u cld say 'i love u' one more time, for i long to hear it every now and then - or never had said it all?

where wld ur life, be?


good nite.

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Aby QisIma said...

.. To me, IF is such a strong word as it triggers as well as manipulate, well .. kind of .. , us in making decision .. so, i rather use the word WHEN .. why? coz the word WHEN do tell me that i need to set a time-frame for what ever i wanna do in every sec ahead of me ..

.. Furthermore, IF would, sumwhere, sumhow let us NOT to bother whenever we DON'T have the answer to any of the question(s) we've asked ourselves.. don't u think so Prof. Shah? ;) ..