Friday, January 18, 2013


assalamualaikum. good morning!!

its Friday. aku dah bgun as awal as 4am. alhamdulillah - managed to crash well. semlm pun aku tido around 11pm, w'pun awal lagik aku dah tucked in. aku managed to get done wit a bit of reading, a bit of marking and went thru some materials since pagi ni 10.30am aku ada kelas on Assertive Management wit budak2 farmasi. my first class wit em all. hope thgs will be OK.

semlm jugak aku ada appointment dgn KPJ, tapi aku tak pi. after berbuka puasa - aku rasa malas and letih sgt.. ngantuk pun ada. thus, aku ponteng. biar lah. nanti2 lah. its the same old shitto. aku dah naik muak. they'll definitely call me and make me be there. and i'll be there lah, if thgs r OK wit me.

called mak smlm. regarding perbicaraan harta pusaka abah. Pej Tanah Selama dah anta surat - there'll be a perbicaraan on dis coming Monday the 21st. kak yang clnt make it, since its Monday and she's way down there - so dia anta surat je lah. cik will be around. Soleh, kak ngah as well. and me - pagi2 Isnin tu akan shoot trus ke Bagan Serai, and off to Selama wit the rest. aku tak bley amek  cuti lagi, since at time being - aku r not allowed to take any leave or off-day for the 28 days hari bekerja. haih.

ngah told me mak tak berapa OK. she finally found her courage to stand up and clear up thgs, basuh baju2 abah yg left jst like dat for few months now, ever since abah left us. and cried all day. aku called mak. and perhaps - it was the wrong question aku asked her, like 'mak, mak OK ke?' and yeap - she broke down. its kinda sayu - God knws. and aku silently too, weep away. the only thg yg aku tak tahan - is to see mak menanges - dat was the one thang yg aku promised to myself way way back then, not to let into one. she told me shes OK. and i knw she is. she needs some time. and mak - she'll be OK. 

gotta go siap2. Subuh dah. nak ikat sampin plak. hahaha.. its Friday, aye?

u hav a good one, ppl!

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