Tuesday, January 1, 2013

sakit perot.

reached home by 5pm somethg. i thanked God since jalan ok je - i only took like 1hr lbey sket back to Ipoh, all the way from Bagan Serai. perhaps i managed to beat the  whole traffic - before it even started la kot. smpai Ipoh - aku merayau Mydin jap. i had nthg in mind - jst tolak trolley and ended up i din really buy anythg - at all.

i am glad the at-whim nye trip to angah's made me feel so good. knwing dat mak has been thinkin about me for weeks now (tho i make it a habit to call her every 2 days), but meeting her up eyes to eyes was somethg else. i was think about her lately as well. and each time aku nak call her - i ended lookin at the clock closed to midnite - and i dun want to disturb her resting. ngah told me mak nanges after solat, and each time after talking to me.

its not dta aku tak nak balik kampung, tp aku too occupied wit thgs at the office. and cuti baru ni pun - aku lepak rumah je.. sepjg2 aku cuti - since mak was at acik's in Changloon. and last Monday - aku cannot help missing her so much - dat after Maghrib aku terus pack and hit the road. upon seeing me at angah's door - aku came up to me, and hugged me - as if bertahun2 tak jumpak..

and i cant help feelin so bad then. haih.

esok dah start keje. starting a new semester. hours teaching makin meningkat - w'pun officially aku terpaksa cover up kerja2 boss aku yg resign baru-baru neh. dgr je mcm dah nak pitam.

but i gez dats the way it is. dats life is. aku jst hav to be strong and be a bit bold - aku will do thgs as good as i can, and walk my talk. perhaps - those can be my resolutions for the year aye? ermm..

no. i dun think. dats so usual kinda thang - thgs u do it everyday. resolutions shld be way better la kot - than jst dat. nah, i need not to hav any resolutions - dats my resolution.

ok - nak iron baju keje. and tdo. perot plak rasa tak sedap. too much of berries la kot. hope tak ter-berry.


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