Friday, January 25, 2013


by Maghrib, aku dah kat rumah. ujan still. aku tapau simple burger from Marrybrown - initially aku wanted to drop kat McD, tp ujan - so aku decided apa yg senang je. bought few thgs, and aku singgah jap kat Guardian. cant be long there, or i mght be ended up buying thgs i need not to buy. balik akuu singgah jap kat DIY. and alhamdulillah. aku managed to get wat i want God sake.

and before Maghrib, aku dah siap mandi guna shower head besar yg baru. so mewah rasanya.. haha

aku dah pack few thgs for trow. and aku bring along few books, in case it gets me bored to death. a lappy too. my music. it wldnt be long pun, jst for the weekend. but i gez anythg at time being can be a life long nye bosan - i'd better be ready.

thgs in my head. dat incomplete feeling. kosong. i dun knw. i gez i am running out of words to describe the thgs in me.

shall crash early. for trow will starts way way earlier.

gnite, where ever ur.


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