Monday, January 7, 2013


i will never be perfect
but at least now i'm brave.

we struggle everyday. either u knw or not. perhaps u knw it well - perhaps ur in denial. we struggle in many ways. we struggle wit our own selves, we struggle wit our own tot. we struggle wit our past. our own mistakes. we struggle to hav thgs we wanted in life.

and when we hav it - we struggle to keep it alrite. we struggle wit faith. faith in ur own self. faith in others. we struggle to appreciate wit thgs u hav in life. and u struggle to be true - to urself, and ppl u love.

we struggle wit consequences.  sometimes u think u do learn ur lesson well, and u wanna change - still ur struggling wit the consequences. and when u knw ur facing dat - u'll be down. demoralized  u feel unwanted. u feel useless. and when it hits u rite - u struggle to face it well. u struggle wit ur own feelin. regret for the thg u've done in past. u think life will be fine. but it aint gonna be dat easy. and u struggle wit the tot and hatred in u when all the effort feels so fuckin effortless. u struggle wit urself, regardless u hav no one to point ur finger to. u ended up strugglin wit shyte in ur head, wait bloody tot u hate to death.

we struggle everyday. we struggle for the past - we wish we wld be way better than wat we r now. so thgs will be jst fine for us, now. Karma has no menu - we were served wit wat we deserved. we struggle wit the future - the unknwn. the past dat mold the future. 

i gez i am too tired. been a long, a very long day, in fact. and perhaps, dats the reason wit all dis bulshyte in my head. perhaps.


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