Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday, no?

reached the ofc by 7am. a bit ting tong alrite. but life's gotta go on. aku hav class at 8am for 2hrs, and after dat - aku gotta be behind the wheel off for Pangkor. as usual. mls sebenarnya, tp i hav no choice. esok and the rest of the days till weekend, aku pack.

looking at the calender, aku perasan ari ni dah 29th of Jan. how fast time flies. and lusa is the day. aku feel totally less excited dis time around. not as usual.

btw - its alrdy past 7.30am.. i was smiling to myself, in vain - looking at the phone. dis is completely weird. so awkward dat is. and dis is not like all those days way before, for years now. its weird when u keep holding the phone, and the same tot makes u put it down again. weird. super weird.

and it had me restless, as well.

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