Friday, January 11, 2013

it is wat u choose..

there was a time when u tot u cld change the world. ur right, and u still r. there was a time when u knew dat life was filled wit limitless. it still is - and so r u.

perhaps ur dismayed dat so much time passed w/out much noticeable progress. ur stuck in the mud. the longer u've waited to move forward, the more quickky and powerfully u can do - so when u choose to start.

to change - be it the world, or as simple as ur own self - and to fulfill ur greatest possibilities - does not require anythg from the past. ur mistakes at the past, ur hatred - or anythg at all in the past - its a matter of making a choice, in the present - to act wit positive purpose.

now - is the place where ur life resides. and now - is wat u choose to make it. wit a thankful, joyful heart - look around u at the possibilities dat stretch out in all directions. life wldnt be dat bad.

choose one of the possibilities now - and proceed to lovingly giv life to it. 

for at least - dats wat i am doin, now..   :-)


nyte. again. hehe

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