Wednesday, January 2, 2013


wow. i wonder over dis shyte - every year is the same - u can see ppl r talking about their new year resolutions - ok, dats good. dats better. but wat about the previous ones? did u get em all done as yet? or u jst dun giv it a shyte about it, and start a new one? or u've been carryin the same old lame - year after year?

dun ask me for one. i dun hav any. i jst wanna hav a better year, dis year - way better than the previous one. every year its the same. and at least i am doin good about it. 

but how to make it the best of the rest? i gez theres one key factor je kot - to make dis New Year the ebst one ever - it is ur attitude. its the way u most consistently decide to see life - will play a major role in the way ur life actually unfolds. right now - as the year kicks in - let us make the choice to make our life, and our whole world - the best it can be.

we gotta creat a new, improved year by goin thru it wit a new, improved outlook on life. we gotta make dis a great year ahead by choosing an attitude dat reflects our own unique greatness. in a year ahead - if u must and u will encounter many obstacles, and yet theres one powerful obstacle u dun ever hav to deal wit it again. and again. dat obstacles - the one u can get rid of for good, is ur own negative attitude.

jst becoz thgs can often get difficult - doesnt mean u hav to be difficult. no matter wat the sitiuation, i think - be positive. empowering attitude is always our best choice. stride confidently forward -wit the highest and best expectation u've ever had. 

ur life dis yr is wat u make it - so embrance an attitude dat will make it positive, fulfilling and great.



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