Thursday, January 17, 2013

good AM!

had  a good day semlm. started the morn wit kinda vengeance - i had a fruitful morn. after lunch, only then i remembered dat i am havin MAPE class wit budak2 Sem 3. first - i dun knw why they choose me. MAPE is  an English class for occupation purposes, and i am not an English teacher pun. perhaps i am fluent at it - but dat doesnt mean i can walk into the class and teach em dat - for teaching English and teaching Medical subjects r two friggin, bloody different kinda thang.

so i walked into the class 30mins late, i made em listen to a song, fill-up the empty spaces (of the lyrics) in a group and make em gather around, worked the hell out of their brain - on wat they understand of the meanin of the song, and get it presented. group effort. i talked, they talked  they listed, and they get up on the stage, and shared their tot. done for 2 hrs - on Listening and Speaking. 

i dun knw if i had the substance. i am not sure if the stndts enjoying it well. but dis morn., aku bgun awal and bersahur - switched on the phone - there were 3 msges, from the stdnts. i wasnt sure who they r, but they claimed to be bdk2 Sem 3 - telling me 'sy enjoy kelas BI sir' and kinda thang like dat.

and i am glad! 


sleepless nite. crashed around 11pm, 2am aku dah bgun. aku ended up finished up marking the case-clerking and such. and i did some reading. 4am aku went down to the kitchen, had a drink, aeat a bit - since aku nak start puasa Isnin Khamis jugak, starting today. harap2 it'll last.

full blast classes today. and i hope i'll be ok.

hav a pleasant Thor-sday.

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