Friday, January 4, 2013

Fly-day? Fry-day?

a new day. arrived at the office early by 7am. there'll be a grand assembly - academic staffs, management staffs and all the stdnts, dis morning. and i gez i need to be early la kot. 

crashed really early smlm. by 9pm aku dah terbungkang - wit the lappy on, wit coupla thgs yg sepatutnya done by dis morn., left untouched. argkh. the truth is pun - aku btol2 tadak mood nak buat apa2 pun semlm - tho keje byk at the beginnin of the semester neh.  and theres coupla thgs running in my head as well - work, ofc-politik and such. sigh.

i shall put em aside. i refuse to spoil my whole Fly-day, today.

btw - its a new day today. i am gonna get thgs done yg mana dah due. and go easy on the weekend, insyaAllah.

u hav a great day ahead, ya!

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