Friday, January 25, 2013

feels like Mown-day.

darn it feels like Monday, today. its so dreadful, scary to the max. i woke up around 4am to a heavy downpour. i felt so lazy to do anythg at all, yet i cldnt sleep. i ended lying there in the bed, under the duvet - covering my head to the storm. by 6.45am - aku alrdy on the road to work. it was raining still. and as expected - the road kinda sucked.

i dun hav any class today. for the first time after like 3weeks - aku kinda free today. still - aku been wondering y on earth aku need to be in ere at work - while the ofc is so obviously empty. ramai lecturers yg amek cuti terus till Monday. and i hav to keep reminding myself dat the 'tempoh edah' aku tak bley amek cuti  - at any day at all - with in 28days, starting 8 Jan yg lepas. argkh. i shldve be in bed. raining. cold. the nothgness. haih.

i hardly concentrate today. my mind was all over places. even now. i had dat one thang in mind, again and again - hitting my skull wit dis and dat. i knw dis wont be long. less then 2 weeks je pun. but then again - i never been in dis for all dis yrs. and it feels weird. awkward. its completely crazy. perhaps, i am the one yg crazy.

serious dis is somethg new for me. never been thru dis. 


planning to hit DIY after work. shower head yg aku beli smlm (aku planned to fix a new one kat shower bwh - arm joint aku dah beli last week) was way too big (i think) and the water tak berapa nak turun elok. aku remember apak kedai tu ckp smlm dat kinda 8" shower head needs a really strong pressure so dat the water baru akan turun like a rain. katanyer. bila aku fixed, turned on the water.. air turun menitik2 je - making me feel like shait. aku sgt tak puas ati. aku tak salahkan apak kedai tu - tp aku seniri la kot. aku hav to confess aku mmg bendul when it comes to all dis. it is somethg yg aku took like a life time to learn.

so today - i am goin to go to te DIY again, and cari saiz yg sama dgn shower head kat bilik air atas rumah aku. jst nice. tak besar. tak kecik. sedang2. rasa mewah tatkala mandi. bley? mcm c*pet.

haih. lambat nya pukul 5pm. and otak aku terbang way way outta ere, God sake. wondering. thinkin.

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