Saturday, January 19, 2013


hav u ever think about changing? a change?

no one likes to, anyway.  sometimes there r thgs in life dat arent meant to stay - no matter how much u want it, to. sometimes change may not be wat we want. sometimes - change is wat we really need. and perhaps, u jst dun hav a courage to do so.

i had thgs in my life as well - dat i dun wanna change a thang. dat i want it to stay - exactly the way it is, way back then. for i still in love wit it. for i still treasure it - for it brings life, and the whole world to me. and i am glad i am still having it - tho every now and then, i am goin thru changes, and change isnt dat bad after all.

it make me stronger. it makes us, stronger. for sure.

but sometimes - perhaps ur goin thru dis well (i went thru it all!) - sayin goodbye cld be the hardest thg u think u'll ever hav to do in life - but sometimes - its sayin 'hello again' dat breaks u down and makes u the most vulnerable person, u'll ever knw. darn i knw hows dat feel.

sometimes change is too much to bear, but most of the time - change is the only thgs saving ur own bloody life.

and i thank God, i decided so - years back..  :-)

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