Sunday, January 27, 2013

by the beach.

bdk2 hav been wanting me to bring em all out of the hse, which apparently i dun really like the idea. cuti yg ideal for me is lepak2, read some good books and the idiotbox.

tp tgk bdk2 neh, aku rasa kesian plak. and their idea to hit the beach was a termendously good idea.

so, Pantai Geting dat is.

aku let go bdk2 main as they wished. masing2 lari bersepah2 mcm kamben kuar kandang. lantak la. asal tak de yg hanyut.

seeing em enjoying emselves, the laugher and such - distracted me a bit. at least. i knw my mind wasnt stay at one place rite now, but at least wit all these - i gez i am doin good.

otw back, aku borong sontam. my fav. and bdk2 neh msg2 hanyut and lena. penat i gez.

but i bet they r glad. as much as i do.

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