Thursday, January 10, 2013


lama aku tak really talked to Hafiz. we r now staying in a difrnt level, holdin a difrnt post - so msg2 sibuk. tp tdi, before 2pm aku managed to talk to him for a while.

itu pun he xcdntly tegur why did i looked "miserable".

did i? tp it was nice. finally i had s'one to really highlight me the whole shyte. telling me how and wat shld i do and such. no, i nvr asked him such. but at least.

i am not perfect. i had my own flaws. i did mistakes too, in my past yrs. s'times we do thgs wit out thkg much over it, and we thk we will get it past - wit out it haunting us in the future. s'times we did thgs at whim, not bcoz we love doin it - but we jst cant help ourselves.

i am not perfect. and i am no one to ask for such. thus, i dun need any super-perfect in my life. i blve in life, we live life, we do mistakes, and we learn lesson well. not dat i want to be a perfect man, but i want to be wiser.

it takes so many thgs, to be dis far. and i hav no regret. i love wat i am havin now, and i wont let it slip away jst bcoz of a lil flaw dat any man under the sun, wld do. i gotta learn to forgive. and to forget.

for i am so honored to hav wat i am havin now, and to be where i am at, now.

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