Wednesday, January 30, 2013


i live the day to the details today. i hav no classes, except for 2 till 5pm - initially. i walked into the office wit memos on the desk - which needed my urgent attention. get em all done by 9am, Ajak called me up - ajak pi minum. i turned him down, telling him dat i had still coupla thgs to be done. he told me dat if i ever change my miind - i can always join him and the group later kat Kedai Nasik Lemak Bawah Pokok, as usual.

15mins after dat, aku rasa nyesal tak ikut Ajak. called him - dammit he din picked up the phone. aku went to the printing room - mesin fotostat rosak. and i had like 60 pieces of notes to photostat. i decided to print em all out - senang. half way, printer habis dakwat. called the IT Dept., 10mins of tryin and nbdy pickin up. 

aku decided to photostat kat luar. and in the mean time - aku bley join Ajak minum. and aku found out kedai bwh pokok tak bukak. and Ajak was no where to be seen. called him, haram nak jawab. aku trus drive pi kedai photostat - pun tak bukak!! i was like.. wtf?

aku terus drive pi kedai mkn area Bndr Baru Putra. rushing for the traffic light (as usual), ended up keter dpn aku sondol another keter rite infornt of it. aku terkejut giler. nasib baik aku sempat brake. aku lapar. so aku malas nak amek port - aku terus off from the scene. bet they'll sort thgs out lah.

masak lemak pucuk paku! aku decided trus early lunch. nasik sket, pucuk paku cover up more of the empty spaces. baru satu suap - baru terasa the masak lemak was so pedas aku cldnt take it God sake. satu suap dah buat perot aku memulas. aku geram. tensi. aku habes kan air, aku byr and aku blah.

2 to 5pm kelas. Tuan Hj Megat Penyelia Hosp. Kuala Kangsar called - out of sudden. Naza my own stdnt buat hal. sia2 je aku tadah telinga, stdnt yg kesalahan. promised him dat aku will definitely take a look personally into it - and hung up, Mr Bong plak called. again - aku was answerable. dis time - darah aku dah menyirap.

aku cancelled the class - aku off to Kuala Kangsar stat. aku ke hostel and looked out for Naza. for the first time in life - 2 kali tgn aku hinggap ke muka stdnt. first time in life! no, i am not proud of it - aku feel so freakin lousy for i cldnt contain myself. tp aku geram. ko tukar jadual posting sesuka-suki, ko masuk keje sesuka-suki, and ko ponteng as if hospital mak bapak ko punya.

and aku yg kena ngadap. and kena jawab.

and off aku blah dr KK. jammed otw back -peak hrs org balik keje. argkh.

home by 7pm. God knws how it feels.


i dun think i'd be able to stay up for the dat b'day. dah tua pun, the thrill is no more there. hahaha.. 

perhaps i cld use the space to wish my own self then - HAPPY BIRD DAY, SHAHE!! i am still lacking in so many thgs. i wanna do a lot as well. yet time is running out so fast.

damn i wanna turn back time, God sake. sigh.

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