Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BB? ha ha

bn wanting to stop by at the new AEON Sri Manjung, finally today aku made an effort. drop in there for a lunch, tot of havin sthg sweet - aku get done wit some usual stuffs at Secret Recipe.

no cake. but jst some usual stuffs.

i imagined havin a big cake and candles on it, whch is i knw its a plain bulshyte.

strolled for a while. i swore to God i kept havin dis voices tellin me dis and dat, dat i shall at least buy smthg for nbdy else, but me - sort of token for the bday. i had a lot of thgs in mind.

shoes, beg keje, hair trimmer, jam ofkoz and a lot more. aku pegang few thgs, asked the pekerja dis and dat.

and aku ended up buying myslf selipar Fipper kaler biru. and off leave the mall. bkn kedekut or thgs like dat - tp sumpah aku tak pasti wat to get.

and aku had no one to ask pun.

i knw. it sucks bigtime.

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