Tuesday, January 1, 2013


woke up by 630am - mak gerak for Subuh. lama tak went thru dis. aku took a while to really wake up, until minimons dtg and bergendang kat pintu like a bunch of krazie piglets. heh.

and yeap - theres no such of smbg tdo after dat, esp bila all the mons mons dan bgun.

mak tnya aku if aku nak ikut mak go for a briskwalk. i was like.. err.. brisk walk? now? hahaha.. and she told me i dun hav to if i dun want to - and i knw she wanted me to. haha.. so aku pi la teman mak for a briskwalk. wit acik on his bicycle. as expected - mak had a lot to vent out. and as usual, aku all ears for her. makcik ni makcik dat, sepupu dis and sepupu dat.. aku dgr je la. and nyampuk now and then. we had a good walk. mak in proper track and such. aku? singlet tdo and suar bwh lutot. wit sandals. peluh jgk lah.

smpai rmh ngah, aku mandi and changed. aku pi kubur abah. senyap sunyi. mendung. aku spent sometime, baca Yassin and tahlil ringkas. and aku balik. theres so many thgs in mind. and abah was one of it.

tapau breakfast. angah buat cekodot fav aku.

and mak ajak pi pasar. argkh. aku din say a word. and i knew she knew aku tak suka pi pasar. and she knws too, dat i wont say 'no' to her.. so, pasar after dat.

and aku tunggu dlm kete. haha


happy new year. its 2013. a brand new day. and whole new new year. hoping the very best for all of us insyaallah.


i am so happy to be where i at now. walaupun abah is no more around us. be he is in us, all the time. and dats matter.

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