Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the space.

wats left?

wit out silence, there wld be no sound. and wit out emptiness - there wld be no fulfilment.

when u sense the emptiness, wat u r really feelin is the ability to create. it is not a lack or an absence - but sort of opportunity.

the enpty spaces in ur life giv u space to breath. a some space to live. the empty spaces r urs to fill wit joy, wit love, wit meaning and fulfilment. the empty spaces r for u to sit still, and look into ur own self, and to gt to knw urself way better. the empty spaces r for u - to think of where ur at, where ur belong and where ur headin for - if it is alrite, or perhaps u need some adjustment done.

the silence gives u opportunity to speak, to express life in ur own unique way. the darkness gives u a place to shine ur own special light. an empty moment is truly a treasure. for it is urs to fill wit ur own meaning, wit life - of course.

when nthg is there - everythg is possible. we gotta take dat opportunity, and make it into somethg great.

for dats wat we r meant to do, in dis life.