Monday, December 17, 2012

no balls?

i hav no words for dis. dis aint the first time tho. last time it was way worst. fake fb profile, fake profile over some inappropriate website. reported, one went down - anther came up. and i kept on receiving phone calls from the unkwn - asking for all sort of the unnecessary thg - during classes. at nite. mid of the nite. dlm meeting.. i was scared. i was so darn bloody worried.

and it went off silent for a while.

now, it happened again. perhaps u think it is ok - best since ada imposter.. u thnk its glamer. knwing dat theres someone out there btol2 crazy about u. nah, i dun thnk so. coz wait until u be in the shoes urself. it can be way worst than dis, trust me.

aku did wat i hav to. and hoping others wld do the same. dis time around - aku decided to be less aggresive. aku asked him to remove those pics of mine, nicely. tp tak dak respon la plak.. haih.

tak pa la. tgk la mcmana. i believe dat aome ppl take dis as somethg funny - taking all others' pics and claimed em to be theirs. if u hav peide, if u hav dignity, u wont be doin dis la kot. and if u dun hav balls. tadak self esteem.

kesian. dats the one word.

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sue said...

zam, susah sgt just buat repot police as cover note. Atleast if the no balls person start to do funny things, u dh ada backup.

p/s: funny sumone wants to be another person so much they put up fake account, pity sgt..

Anonymous said...

keep writing- I am trying to start blogging and its difficult at first and I am too worried about negative responses- I am going to be brave and start soon. Good luck to you.
Great Smoky Mtns. Nat. Park
North Carolina, USA

jerry maguire, jr. said...


he alrdy pulled out all the pics and such. thank God.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Susan -

hi there. jst write. u'll love doing it. dont let others' perceptions and such stand in the way.


sue said...

ok la kalau dia dh pull out the pics and such but just be carefull k..

p/s: wonder y dia person wants to be u, you are not dat gud looking pun, heheheheh....