Wednesday, December 19, 2012

live to tell.

live to tell.

i finally home. back to where i belong. apart of me refused of doin so - i wanna be away from where i belong for a lil bit longer. and apart of me - i am glad to be in - own place, own crib and such. where else, rather than home?

i had a good break. doin nthg at all. for the first time like forever - i left my laptop, my notebook and such back home - my notes et al. all i brought together wit me was like a few of books i supposed to finish up readin like ages back and back-dated issue of mags. 4 of the mags done, 1 book down. and i am glad. i had enuff sleeps wit no waking up in the mid of the nite, staring into the darkness. i had no worries of thinking about the never ending story about works and such.

but then again - still a few buggin my head. i am tryin to be cool about it, and apparently i am ok wit it. i started to believe dat i am good to pretend as if theres nthg wrong mentally - but the fact is - it is all over my face, alrite. 


anyway, i am still contemplating if i am or not shld go to work trow. i hav like a month of days-off in store, and i am strongly believe i need to clear a bit of it, before the yr ends. but then again - if i am stayin in, wat wld i do then? when everybdy r workin the shyte out?

Hobbit. i wanna catch dat. hurmm

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