Friday, December 28, 2012

let it be,

we shld let the world be the way the world is being. and we shld let ourselves see the good in it - allowing all dat is to be the way is in dis moment. take thgs as it is. accept and embrace the rich abundance of the 'right now'.

i believe dat any attempt to lash out and attack thgs around u - the world surrounds u - wnds up hurting u, urself. choose instead to offer ur love and best intentions - and life wld be a better place, to live in.

move life forward, not by hatred and anger in u - or resentment - but rather thru love and understanding. be a living example of life, at its best.  let the world be the way it is - and let urself see the possibilities in it. face the reality of the 'wat is' and make use of it to create positive value.

choose to be fully at peace. wit the way thgs r. change thgs u can change -wit in ur capability. and for thgs u cant change - u gotta change urself on how u see it then. and how to take it well. for thgs u cant change, dat means u cant - no matter how hard u try. it is how it is. from dat peaceful, powerful perspective - we can make thgs better. and better,


i shall get back to sleep now. sigh.

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