Monday, December 31, 2012

HNY 2013!!

its a last day of 2012. not like all the years before - i dun really feel kinda excited to sort of welcoming 2013. its jst another day for me, i must say. after all - like gotta go on - no matter wat.

2012 has been good for me. i had all the beautiful thgs in life, alhamdulillah. tho the worst part of it - losing abah for good. 2012 will always remains to be there for all of us - for its the year abah left us, succumbed for his Astrocytoma of the brain. i was shocked, still. empty. the hole in me - i am not sure how long it'll take to recover.

i miss him still. and i will always be.

4hrs from now - it'll be 1 January, 2013. i hope for the very best - for all of us. wit a good health, wealth. iman dan taqwa insyaAllah. i wanna be someone way better than i am now - as a son, as an elder brother, as myself. there's so many thgs i am planning to do next year - for my own betterment. if time permits, and wit His willing as well. and i am wishing u guys - the same too.

aku rindu mak out of sudden. been a while since aku last see her. and i hav dis urge to go back and be rite her side.. telephone cant take dat feelin, i am sure dat is - of being rite at her side. think i shld pack now. and hit home. i dun need anyone else, nthg else.  i jst wanna celebrate a new year - a brand new day wit mak around me.

Happy New Year, folks!

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