Thursday, December 13, 2012

for a fren - a courage to live.

i received a text messages from a dear fren dis mornin - and aku immediate gav him a call. apparently he is in deep shyte. a long distance relationship, which last for the past 4yrs or so - finally found a dead end. he sounds so devastated, weeping at the end of the line. i knw he is, tho he keep on sayin 'i am ok' and 'i will be ok' like again and again. he's sad. he's worry. i knw hows dat feels - the future, the coming days when it'll no longer be the same, the empty-hole in u etc.

i was jst listenin to him, attentively. i am not sure wat to do, or to tell either - my head as well, kinda 'tepu' wit so many thgs lately. but i cant jst leave him in the way he is - i need to do somethg. i jst listen - to the sayin, to the weeping. it touched my heart as well, but i cant get carried away - for dat wldnt be rite. i wish i cld tell a thang or two. i wish i cld tell him to do dis and dat - it'll be easier. for me, perhaps. but i knw, not for him.

theres so many thgs marching up my head after the call. theres so many thgs i wana say to him - but i knw its not the rite time pun. and so i am doin it in ere, hoping he'll read dis - and he'll understand -

dear fren;

i certainly knw u hav plenty of thgs in ur head. headache. restless nites. and so many thgs to worry about. and yet, u shld knw better - worryin wont accomplish anythg positive, God sake.

tho life has many actual and potential difficulties, those difficulties r easily outnumbered by positive possibilities. u knw wat i mean - to let go, to move on. to move on for a new life, a new u. u hav courage to live, fully and from heart - to continue bringing those possibilities to life.

every moment is precious - so give each moment the respect, and attention it deserves. u certainly dun wanna waste ur time bein resentful and fearful about other times - ur past, for example. or the future - too much thinkin about it, will kill u. its the now dat matters. u hav so vey much to giv to life, so put ur focus on bein ur most positive and most effective self.

life has its daunting challenges, and u absolutely hav the courage to face every one, like every day. and courage to face urself, ur feelin, and those who drown u in deep shyte. the more u make use of dat courage - the more invincible it becomes.

ur courage to live has brought u ere. now. and ever. use it now, and again and again. and bring more great thgs in life, insyaAllah. ur one strong man - a good fren dat i knw. u'll be jst fine. jst fine, i knw.


- gnyte.

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