Friday, December 21, 2012

do good.

let me share wit u of wat i believe.

if u wish to feel good, then u shld do some good. do some good - not for show, not for credit, not to get one up on anyone, not to get into anyone's pants - but jst becoz it is good. and it is rite. even if no one ever knws about it, except u - well dats enuff. Allah tau. do some good - jst becoz u hav the opportunity. and jst becoz u can.

make the situation better, and it definitely will makes u feel better. use wat u got to create a positive difference, and u will grow even stronger. make a positive impact on life - ur life, other ppls' lifes - and feel how great it feels.

if u spend ur time obsessed wit wat's in u - for u; solely jst for u - there will end up bein nthg in it, for u. so do some good, and it will most certainly be good for u. 

whether life is goin great for u - or whether it is not so great at all; do some good. do some good, and feel the priceless satisfaction of making life, better for everyone.

btw - good morning. its TGIF!

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