Saturday, December 29, 2012

CH, at whim!

some of the pics.
i posted all the pics in a folder, in my FB.

balik je dr erobik pg tadik, i was kinda wondering wat to do. i wanted to do somethg for the weekend, yet i dun really hav a good plan. and suddenly i feel like strawberries. the smell. the taste - sweet sour, filling up ur mouth kinda thg.

at whim - aku start kete, up to Cameron Highland. and it was like 10am in the morn.

it took me about 1hr and the half to reach up there. byk la plak kete naik turun. smpai Kg Raja - dah sesak. and i had dis uneasy feeling - dgn bau brek yg hangit lingered in the air - since byk lorry and such. so aku decided tak go ahead - enuff wit Tringkap je lah. nak ke Brinchang and Tanah Rata - mcm.. sah2 la it'll take ages. singgah Taman Rama-Rama - nthg much, rama-rama pun dah tak byk. ppl r complainin since nthg much there - tp charged RM5 tak turun2. i was there for about 30mins., took some pics and off i go.

got myself to one of the strawberry farm - and i went plucking em my one. setgh kilo for RM25. kinda reasonably. tho strawberries tak brp nak chantek - since it was rainin now and then - at leats dats wat ah so landlord tu ckp. mine was like 600gm, so kena RM31. hehehe

and after dat - aku turun balik. singgah Bharat Tea Plantation. i remember bein in ere like 2yrs back - in May 2010, to be precise. it was the best time in life, really. the tea, the scones. the beautiful time.. sigh. i was smiling to myself, and it sound silly i knw - but darn i wish it'd be wonderful if i cld turn back time.

by 5pm, its gettin dark. and dah mula byk kete goin doin, makin the road so pack and noisy. i decided to drive down back home then,

seronok plak pegang kamera. lama dah tak snap2 pics like i used to do like 2yrs back. i remember posting so many pics back then in dat particular yrs. by mid 2011, aku dah slow down sket.

and owh, aku still remember the strawberries and the choc dip. argkh. tak sempat ari ni to do so.. and the strawberry ice-cream.. dammit.



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