Tuesday, November 20, 2012

when life gets tuff..

head up!

shyte happens. like everyday. somehow or rather. i believe dat shyte happens every now and then - and shyte wont be happening like every day in life. in our life, to be precise. shyte come and go. it wont stay. and it has to go - coz it cant stay. 

for dis is ur life. shitty or not - its in ur hand. easy to say, alrite - hit me, for i knw its easy to say it out. but trust me - sticking in a mud and its full of shyte is way worst than the feelin by the time ur out of the whole shyte. 

but how? only u knw how it is. and only u knw how to deal wit well. 

i dun hav a perfect life either. i had shitty days now and then. shyte happens like every now and then. and when ur in one - u started to hate like everybdy, wit the tot of nbdy understands u - and the questions like 'kenapa aku?', 'apasal org lain tak kena?' will haunt u like nbdy biz. and when i am in one - i keep telling myself dat shyte wont stay, shitty thang aint belongs to me, dat one day i'll get rid the shyte outta my way - and thgs gonna be jst fine. how? and when? its subjective. it depends on how i look at it, wats the resources i hav to help me out of the friggin shyte, and when is the very good time for me to deal wit it well. i'll force myself for some facts and such - and i'll get myself ready - to combat the shyte outta my way. i'll look out for some sources - for some different views, and vent myself out for some opinion.

the fact dat sometimes when we r stick in some shyte, we hardly able to see other different perspective - rather than some other ppl who r around us can - be it if they understand u better, or not.

38 yrs of livin, i am still learnin. shyte happens every day. but everyday wont be the same shyte for me - at least dats wat i can assure of. and at least - for my own life. 

life is short. and it has to be sweet. getting stuck in a mud full of shyte, is sucks alrite. but gettin drown in it - again and again, and tryin to get the hell out of it - r two different thgs..

i wish all the ppl out there, the best in life. and remember - shyte happens, like everyday. its ok. for dats wat life is. and for dat - somehow makes ur life, merrier. life - u cant hav it like all wit bed of roses - like all the time. shyte days will make us strong. shyte days will make us wiser. and shyte days, wldnt be dat shitty after all - if we r able take it as it is. and face it, once for all.

jst dun let shitty days, bring u down.