Friday, November 16, 2012

ur tots.

i believe dat everythg ur is determined by ur tots. all the past experiences u hav had u to dis point when ur reading dis bulshyte in front of ur eyes - in ur life, exist in ur tots. ur entire future from dis point on exists only in ur tots. ur probably grown accusomed to thinking of urself as ur body.

howeve, ur more tot than ur physical substance. ur tots r wat define u, not the molecules and atoms dat u happen to carry around, wit u. ur tots r wat allow u to relate to the world and to the other ppl in it.

and trust me - ur tots r wat control every aspect of ur life.

all of ur behavior results from tots u think. if u r not satisfied wit ur behavior, or ur performance - then all u hav to do is change ur tots and u will change ur behaviors. u r ur tots. to change anythg in ur life - i believe - all dats needed is a change in tot and a commitment - to do watever it takes, to bring dat tot, into bein.

mintak ampun. jst my 2 kupang.

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