Wednesday, November 14, 2012


sometimes, we jst find ourselves fighting alone. wit unexpected way when everyone who was besides us once - will be gone. when all those sweet words and such - leave u nthg but to wonder. wit a really weird way - we jst find ourselves fighting against em all. but dat - dat shld teach us somethg. a thang or two. and it taught me a lot of thgs, actually.

it taught me dat waiting ppl is always the wrong choice. it taught me dat expecting thgs from ppl is also - always the wrong choice. i dun knw abut u - but i must say dat it taught me dat i shld never, never let ppl control me, becoz believe it or not - ppl want to do dat, all the friggin time. so dat they'll feel better wit their pathetic self. and they'll feel superior.

while u knw ur way better. and worth a while.

wat i wanna say say is - ppl, or most of them, at least - will let u down and leave u fighting on ur own, and u will probably feel bad, feel sad and u wil feel like ur not good enuff. for anythg at all.

but u must realize dat once u control ur life - and once u understand dat expectin thgs from ppl will be a reason for u to feel like u shldnt feel - and once u knw dat ppl will always let u down if u spend time waitin for ppl. once u understand dat - u'll feel free. stronger. and u'll jst feel dat u dun hav to deal wit a lot of bulshyte, rubbish and a lot of emotion problems.

but bey - we r not ere to hate anyone dun we? theres no use to keep the hatred grows in u - for it'll kill u instead. forgiv and forget - sounds so ideal, but dats the way it is. or perhaps - forgiv and walk away, dat'll make u feel better. to forget? dats another thang.

dun u ever forget dat controlling ur life and bein unbreakable against ppl wont mean anythg - if we keep wasting out time in hating others. we love. we care. we smile. but we dun expect anythg from anyone.

for dats the way life is. 

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