Monday, November 19, 2012

to adapt. and adopt.

adapt and adopt. those 2 words i yg aku keep reminding myself, and aku keep telling the stndts - every now and then. to adapt, and adopt. the faster, the better.

sumer org tau - the world keeps changing fast - from day to day, moment to moment. and dat can be a very big problem for u, for us - or it can be also a magnificent opportunity. perhaps.

one of our greatest skills is our ability to adapt. and adopt. when we make use of dat particular skills, we can get the changes to work in our favor. trust me - the future is a moving target. at least dats wat i keep telling myself. even the most carefully constructed plans - can be rendered ineffective by changing conditions. in no time - at all.

yet there is no need to giv up on ur goals when thgs r change. y shld u? u dun wanna put everythg at waste, kan? after all the planning, sorting thgs out etc. perhaps u wanna take a good look at yr new surroundings, and successfully adapt to em.

it cld, very well dat a changing situation offers even more opportunity than was there before. saper tau, kan? put urself in a position to realize dat opportunity - by adapting to the changes. remember? its all in ur head. its all in the way u think, and in the way how u see thgs alrite.

when ur world changes, u can become immobilized wit keluh kesah, worry - u can waste ur time complaining (most of us do dis, incldg me jugak!! hehe) - or u can adapt. heh. u do hav the choices to choose, trust me. so make use of ur ability to adapt. and be ur best in an ever-changing world, insyaAllah.

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