Tuesday, November 6, 2012


peak of the sem. i knw its supposed to be the end of every thg - but for us, dis is it. dis is the time when u gotta hav all the nerve in the world - the 'ilmu' where u can 'tangkis' watever u dun wanna do in life, and practice ur 'ilmu ghaib' as well. not for me la kot. but some of us. me? kdg2 i hav to say 'no' when i dun think i am capable to cope wit all thgs in a time.

dis is the time when u gotta put urself aside, ur fmly or watever the fcuk dat is - and work come first. marking dr awal pg smpai mlm, running the bloody OSCE, dealing wit exams, stdnts affairs, induction, routines and all the unnecessary biz yg muncul last2 minit. and the worst part is - havin ppl around u yg tak fhm2 how bad it is for u. haih. i hav to confess thgs r gettin worst lately - when all the big shoots up there knew the whole shyte, but do nthg at all for its not for em yg hav to deal wit all these - its the kuli batak like us yg up side down. i am not complaining, or perhaps u can say so (yet i dun giv it a flyin fcuk pun, trust me). i think.. i think - dis is the shyte u hav to deal when ur havin some kinda ppl yg non-academician up there - all they knw is havin fun and such - go to hell wit the quality of the product, et al. tak ckp susah. ckp and u'll push in the freezer. all they knw - program dis program dat.. all the bullshyte non-academical, jemput dis Minister and dat, and make u do thgs yg bangang2.

ntah la. aku dah mula bosan.

i think i am doin ok, w'pun sometimes aku cldnt stand rasa geram and sakit hati. i gez aku hav to brace myself la kot. 

i am praying so dat i'll be a strong person, and will be able to go thru dis - well.

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