Sunday, November 25, 2012

let life flow.

when we hold too tightly to the tots and feelings dat come along - we mght end up getting stuck. dis is true for positive tots and feelings as well as for negative ones. u knw how it is - when ur letting all those un-known thang take control of ur tots. ur life - even worst.

tots perhaps its a lil nicer bein stuck in a pleasant place than it is bein stuck in some kinda shyte - wats even better is not to be stuck at all. kan? wats even better is to be continually moving towards higher and higher levels of joy. and fulfilment. been thru dis - i knw how it is. when u hav to struggle wit those moment when u hav shitty tots in ur head - assumption, negative tots and such.

i gez theres a few reasons for it - self-esteem. faith. faith. and a bit more faith.

experience ur tots. and ur feelings. take from wat they hav to offer and then let em flow on past. as the negative ones fall away - they'll quickly lose their hold on u, and as the positive ones move on past they'll make room for even some better ones.

we gotta loosen our grip on the bad thgs and we'll free ourselves from em. loosen our grip on the good thgs dat they'll be free to grow even stronger and bring even more blessings to our life.

we gotta hav the faith - to let life flow. stop holding on so tight and see how very far we can go..



mak kat rumah along. wit kak ngah and whole fmly. cik telepon ptg tadik. and Soleh pun ada called mak mlm smlm. we hav fun - do the usual thang. budak2 neh lari turun naik dpn belakang mcm tak cukup tanah. mak and kak ngah bz kat dapor as usual. 

kerusi tempat abah duduk selalu time dtg rumah along - kosong. abah selalu duduk situ perhati cucu2 lari keliling rumah.. and sometimes abah sound dorg bila dorang dah went over board. semlm along duduk kat kerusi tu, bebel kat acik and Haziq since dorang bising time mak nak tgk tv. kak ngah ckp along behaved like abah.. and along looked like abah as well.

along jst senyum - along din knw how to react pun.

and semlm, along bwk dorang sumer kuar.. and we went to English Decor. along and kak ngah bz pusing the whole lot, only to find mak menangis kat satu sudut kedai.. sorang2. we were shocked - apparently mak rindu kan abah. mak rindu nak do all the thgs she used to do while duduk serumah dgn abah - kemas rumah, decorate the whole house in her own way.. 

along rindu abah. along believe every one of us do, as well. we jst dun talk about it - as much as along did in ere..

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