Friday, November 16, 2012


so true.
trust me!!

allow life? heh. its subjective. and its sounds 'funny', yeah. but then again - dats the fact. i was talking to Fadzly yesterday - and w/o further asking - he was there standing and telling me whole shitty thang about problems in life he's facing. family, life, work.  i remember i was jst sittin me, smiling. and listening. i din say a word. apparently he looks like he was lookin out someone to talk to - like ages. 

and i remember i am wishing for a plain chit chat over the meals, rather than those.

he was talking on and on as if dia lupa aku was there in front of him. hahaha.. and as usual, the conversation ended up like, 'ko rasa mcmana eh, Shah?'


allow life. i believe dat we can achieve, if we allow. we hav to stop striving to get it (life dat is), and we gotta start living i. everythg is alrdy there w/in our reach pun. jst dat we dun knw dat it is. or perhaps, kita buat2 tak nampak la kot. instead of grasping for wat we desire, lovingly and confidently allow ourselves to experience it.

i remember to keep telling myself to stop hiding behind my doubts. if i hav any, i jst hav to sit down, and deal wit it. and get on wit life. and dats wat i've been telling Fadzly, semlm. we goota choose to richly live wat we love.

all of life is available to us now. we jst gotta let go the fears, and let the best possibilities blossom into magnificent reality. we gotta welcome dis day, and al it brings. we gotta embrace dis moment by giving our most enthusiastic attitude, and effort to it.

allow our beautiful, unique life to unfold. we can then feel the pure, authentic love at ur center - and let it pull u ever forward.


scary? pls dun be. those r jst words. sounds easy, yeah. but u never knw how easy life wld be, if u allow life. God sake.

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