Friday, November 16, 2012


and i miss him dearly - like everyday. every secs of the day. jst dat semlm - aku think about abah too much dat i hardly sleep well pun. i remember i was prayin hard to at least - aku dpt mimpi abah, to meet him up at least in a dream - be it how brief it wld be. so dat aku cld ask him coupla thgs. so dat aku cld see him again - his face, his smile and such.

but i ended up had nthg at all. aku ended up wondering all nite, staring into the dark. aku rindu kan abah sgt2, God knws how it is.

abah used to keep telling me tunaikan solat 5 waktu w/o fail (w/pun aku dah besar pjg), he kept telling me to find some time utk mengaji agama di masjid/surau, and to 'upgrade' myself dunia akhirat. jadi contoh utk adik2. and not forgetting t/jwb aku as anak sulung - to mak, adik2 and whole fmly. 

and i wonder if i am ever up to his expectation, tho deep down - i knw where i stand. i wish i cld be way better than dis. 


along rindukan abah. each nite, before along tido - God knws how along wish to see u in the dream. even for a while. along rindu leter abah. along rindu dat secure-feeling each time u asked me dis and dat about life and such. 

and along rindu abah. so much, dat it hurts.


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