Wednesday, November 14, 2012


the two-sides
of everybdy.

there will be a time, when u jst feel - dat there is a bloody big fight is happening inside of urselves - between the two sides dat everyone in dis whole wide world hav em. u will be jst lost, between wat u do really wanna do, and wat do the world, wants u to do. and even more - u will be wondering - y r u doin dat after all? wat is the reason of bein in ere after all?

i mean - do u understand wat i am tryin to say? for literally, i am not.

the two sides of u - will start givin u advices, exactly when u feel lost, or when u feel dat u need advices. a lot of tots will come to ur mind - and for a moment, everythg will seem too weird to do (actually), and u will feel dat u dun like anyone in dis life. and maybe - u will jst hate the life dat ur actually living in.

dis is happening (or used to happen) to almost everybdy. i knw how it is. and i am sure u knw it too. exactly when u wanna giv up - or when u dun wanna move forward anymore. 

exactly, when u dun wanna live the rest of ur life.. anymore.

but - inside everyone of us - theres a lil shine dat come from out hearts, dat lil shine - maybe will be too significant for us to see - when the bad side of us, is controlling us - and dat makes us waste a lot of time. and lose a lot of ppl around us.. those who r closed and care about us.

i mean - wat i am tryin to say is - no matter how good ur as a person, or how 'clean' ur heart is - one time - the dark side of ur heart will try to control u. and sometimes he does. and we jst - shld be stronger enuff to take him down. and see all the loves around us.


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