Sunday, October 7, 2012

true love.

ppl say dat everyone had a half somewhere in the world - their so-called perfect match, so to speak. and when u finally meet dis person - it will be true love. and so to speak. but then - how do u define a true love? wat on earth is dat, exactly? i mght not be the right person to tell u dis - but i do believe true love is somethg more than jst falling in love.

true love is frenship first and foremost. true love is when u can talk about everythg, anythg under the sun wit dat person ur in love it - ur day to day hassles, dis and dat at work place, problems, feeling, jokes, pickin on one another, gossips et al. true love is when u can share ur innermost tots and ur real self wit dat person - and knwg dat u wont be judged. 

true love means care and support, plus acceptance. true love means its both of u - and not only u dat matters. true love is openness and honesty, plus - most of all, trust. true love is a choice - its a choice to love someone unconditionally and to stand by em - not only during the happy times but then, especially when the goin gets tuff. true love means to be around all the time - not to step into ur other half's world; but to be able to step aback and be there as wat ur. true love is understanding and patient. true love is about spaces - both can free breathe and embrace it well. true love is when two ppl want to spend the rest of their lives loving each other - despite the obstacles dat may come their way.

true love is fidelity, respect and commitment. true love is bringing out the best in each other and growing together. true love is being connected to a preson - emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. true love is rare, and its the only thg dat gives life real meaning.

finding true love in dis lifetime is hard - trust me; some dun even get the chance to experience it, but for those who do - be careful, never let it go. becoz in the end - it is so worth it, to be in one.

i knw how it is. and i am blessed..  :-)

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