Friday, October 26, 2012

salam eid ul adha!

its eid ul adha. and its different in a way. aku rasa sgt2 lain dan tak sama mcm any other eid. perhaps - its not as meriah as aku xpcted it to be. aku rindu abah. and coupla thgs happened coupla days back - also affected me. i think.

done wit solat eid ul adha. awal2 pagi at 8am lagi dah mula solat raya. tak mcm kat kg aku - sini semayang raya biasak2 je. mcm semayang Jumaat pun ada. less colorful i shall say. but not dat big deal la kot. lain tmpt, lain la cara nya. and aku cldnt wait to get back to where i belong. sadly to say, for the first time - aku feel so lonely (tho hell i am not alone), and so outta place.

cldnt slep smlm. been thnkg about abah so much lately. aku rindu abah and it was so intense i dun knw how to xplain it well. i gez its the phase i gotta face. a phase dat i gotta go thru well. its life. and life's like dat.

btw - Salam Eid Ul Adha, frens. hav a good one - wit ur fmly, wit ur love ones.

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