Sunday, October 7, 2012

life's like dat!

u mourn, u grieve for a while, but then after - u move on. dats life. life is like dat. sometimes, someone comes into ur life and they make u happy, brings so much colour and meaning to an otherwise bland existence - but there no guarantee dat u will be able to keep dat person, forever. 

sometimes, thgs happen which r beyond our control - and no matter how we try to control the outcome - we find ourselves pulled against our will. we try so hard to save the one thg dats givin us the happiness - but we hav to realize dat sometimes, ppl come and ppl. ppl do fall out of love, sometimes. 

it hurts, i knw. but if they do - and they've made it clear dat they hav to leave u.. dat they dun wanna stay - then we hav to let em go. dis is when we realize - it jst wasnt meant to be. so u hav to face the fact, and move on. u mght take the whole wide world of time to deal wit it - but then again - go head, if u hav to. u gotta let go, when the time comes. i knw its not easy - but i gez dats the only way. sometimes, the ppl u love wit all ur heart - leave u to make room for someone much better, way better - someone who will love u unconditionally for who ur, wat ur - and not for who they want u to be.

we mourn. me move on. then we continue our search for happiness. well dats life. and life's like dat.


along rindu abah.

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