Monday, October 1, 2012

its Monday!

i always remind myself to be thankful to Allah Subhanahuwataala for every single thg He gives me - from the whole big pictures in life, and to the smallest thang. dis i keep reminding myself - for all the petty lil thgs yg betul2 put my life in perspective - tho aku tau, aku sometimes hardly recognize em as to be one.

the smell of the coffee every morn., the sound of enjin bas skol yg lalu tepi rumah aku every day, and dat suara budak bg salam to her mak tiap pagi before off naik bas. the smell of nthgness, every morn - calm me in inside. the same route aku drive off to work. same faces, same thg in and out. and a lot more.

despite of bein someone yg selalu grumbling on dis and dat - i wanna be someone else. i knw sometimes aku derailed a bit - and i jst cant help myself. aku jst a plain flesh and blood. but i do wanna be someone better than i am now. for life is short, and i wanna feel every sec of it - runnin thru my vein and get drown in it well.

hav a pleasant Monday morn., ppl.

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