Wednesday, October 10, 2012

get outta my way.

dah dua hari aku smpai ofc, kinda late. lambat bagi aku larr.. and dah dua hari aku tido awal. had a good sleepin at the first hafl, and by 3am - aku dah wide awake. mcm biasak. i gez somethg wont change after all, eh? and the worst part is - aku failed to finish up any of the marking during dat particular wee hrs pun - it was so damn boring, torturous and not my kinda thang, to do pun. satu bundle dah siap - i had another bundle to go. and everyday - aku like bringing it in and out of the ofc, the house - wit nothg much done pun. a big HAIH!!

konvo soon. sumer org sibuk. aku and Yus in one small committee. and we r tryin hard to get thgs done. and at dis particular time - is the best time u can see ppl around u changed, jst like dat. upos stress on em, some kinda tanggungjwb, excitement et all - ppl changed. i mean - in a good way, or another. tak kisah lah. and dis is the time bila u can hear ppl r talkin about other ppl - dis and dat. kinda funny. yet i gez dats the way is it la kot.

will be leaving for Sg Siput, Kuala Kangsar soon. semlm tak sempat.

hav a good day ahead y'allz!

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