Friday, October 5, 2012

a week.

a pack kinda week aku had dis whole week, God sake. wit the fever in, the sore-throat, piles of work to be done, stdnts, convo - aku felt so tied up and darn, for sure aku felt so bloody suffocated as well. so - by the time aku belek2 schedule - and realized aku had to be in Alor Star (in KPPAS, to be precise), aku cant wait no more. so on last Tuesday - aku settled wit works cpt2, and by petang - aku dah alrdy on the road heading for AS. 

and dis time around - aku drove on my own. for the first time!

hotel penuh. most of em. not really familiar wit the town, aku amek jalan mudah - survey thru the net, and picked up the phone and do the booking. since semua hotel fully booked - Nazry rekemen aku dis Samila Hotel, yg btol2 located in town. dkt Masjid Zahir, and a walking distance to Menara 'putaq' Alor Star. sampai around 5ish, aku terus pi recce KPPAS - darn i've never been there and i need to knw he where about. i knw, it is around - but being me - aku tak mo kalot last2 minit and i need to knw the way, so dat trow.. aku bley take my sweet time. yeah. by the time patah balik hotel - Pinkie was alrdy there.. wit Azizi - a smart guy yg aku tak pernah jumpak, but i knew him on FB - kwn baik Pinkie. tot it'd be kekok big-time, dammit - i was wrong. Azizi was way supa-cool, way gelong than i've ever think. and ofkoz - both of em.. Pinkie and Azizi, were wit brains. hehehe.. they brought me up to Menara Alor Star, had buffet for dinner up there. first time, again.

teringat Menara KL last coupla yrs.. it rotated while ur havin ur meals. giddy, a bit.

by 11pm after the dinner, the Secret Recipe at the McD and such - they sent me off back to the room. and the story begun. the room. dat feelin u shldnt hav at time when ur alone. dat room - dat old, classic room. aiyooo.. spooky siot. sgt2 lain rasanya bilik hotel aku tu. aku ended up tak lena tido, and bilik terang benderang wit the telly on. maaf la kalo aku nak mengaku - aku tak le berapa berani sgt, kot. hahaha

and esok, awal2 pagi aku checked-out. and Pinkie ajak lepak Changloon, rmah Azizi to be exact - since Azizi is leaving for KL. again, aku tinggal la sorang. at rumah orang. tp tak pa, dis is way better dr bilik hotel yg mcm.. er, nvm. haha

kelas wit stdnt2 Rod KPPAS went well. smoothly alhamdulillah. basically aku tak prepare pe pun - it was jst like my any other classes in ere - on Motivation and Abnormal Psychology. 116 - gals way ramai dr the boys. but then again - they rawk. really really do. i had my best-est time teaching em all, and the curiosity in em all, asking me dis and dat makin me feel so bloody bersemangat.. hahaha.. tho dr 8 am to 5pm - selalunya aku dah flat on the ground. but dis is somethg else. way different. at the end of the class - dorg siap tepuk tgn, salam and amek2 gmbr. heh, mcm Adele plak. bley? tp btol - aku enjoy. aku bgtau Hj Zafri about them - and he was like havin dis wide smile ear to ear.. 'nanti bley jemput Shah lagik', wah! haha. aku wish i cld hav more time wit all of em. lain sgt ngajar bdk2 Sem 1 kat KSKB neh - pg tadik je aku dah spent 30mins ngamuk since ada yg ponteng, tak masuk kelas etc. sigh.

bley tak aku pindah AS je? hahaha.. kot.

esok ceramah. aku mls giler. slides pe kejadah pun tak siap. aku rasa nak tdo je. ngantok syiol.


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amey firas said...

hahahaa..sir kena bnyak2 doa laa kalau nak pindah mengajar kt kota AS nie..huhuu..act kiteorg pon rase lain sebab sbelum nie xdew pengajar yg enjoy mcm sir..totally mood dlm kelas suram jew..doakan kami lulus this final and qualified to sem 2 okey.. statement 'hang pasaipa' tu mmg funny..hahaha..