Thursday, September 6, 2012


its raining. aku decided not to puasa la today. ptg ni kena conduct erobik, and i am havin like whole day wit the stdnts - class and OSCE. w'pun aku bgun like 3.30am in the morn., aku jst golek2, take time ironing baju batik aku for today, pack my thgs, kemas meja stdy, do some marking. by 5am - aku dah lalok, tdo around 1hr, 6am aku dah siap for work.

Bong called me early in the morn - mintak aku jmpak Pengarah, arrange transport and such for trip pi rumah arwah di Temerloh trow morn. duh, dat mean aku kena re-arrange class aku yg 4hrs trow tu to today la.. since esok travelling. tak pe la kot - ada pilot. kalo tak - 5 to 6hrs of driving, and balik ari.. er, not my kind of la kot. so trow, insyaAllah - there'll be 3 lecturers, 4 stdnts goin to Allahyarham Muaz Hassan Shaari - for at least dats the only thg yg aku can do. aku eager to see the parents, as well. earlier - aku dah called the dad - tak payah dtg sini jst nak pick up arwah nyer brg2, dat aku will find out some kinda way, and aku and others will send off all the left behind. at least - aku dpt tlg ringan kan beban the whole fmly - understanding dat jarak yg sgt2 jauh.

gtg. 20mins to 8am. gotta start my day, rite now. u hav a pleasant Thor-sday.

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