Friday, September 7, 2012


sleepless nite. for some reasons - or perhaps, i need not to hav one - aku had a tough nite in crashing, God sake. crashed by 10pm somethg, aku still stared into the darkness rite up till 1am, dozed for a while - and by 3am, aku dah wide awake. terrible dat is.

dah kat ofc. called mak otw to the ofc - told her dat i am goin to Temerloh - balik hari. she freaked out a bit - thinkin dat aku wld be driving alone, on my own. and balik hari some more. after knwing dat aku pi dgn few others, she toned down - and 'tak pa la, nanti along tdo je la dlm bus' kinda thang. exactly. dats wat i am gonna do.

packed a small bag. a book. mp4. power station. hp fully charged. a file wit thgs aku need to serahkan kat fmly allahyarham. and a sampul of duit kutipan derma ikhlas - all checked. now aku need to call the others. 7am mini bus will be in.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah. ameen.

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