Wednesday, September 5, 2012


finally aku done wit OSCE. imagine stared at 8.15am, ended up at 4.45pm! aku nak muntah darah tgk check list - the same shait again and again. and aku had to deal wit stdnts nye kerenah - the mistakes - be it silly or intentionally. aku tgk muka2 lecturers lain pun masing2 dah bersegi. and dammit i knew i hows dat feels.

we r losing more and more lecturers. Tan Kin Fang - smbg study and on study leave. and so forth wit Karuna, Ameed. wit us yg tinggal - leavin us wit tonnes of shait; stdnts makin ramai, numbers of lecturers tak pernah nyer naik2. and u knw hows dat for us. burn out like hell, u need not to imagine la kot. and aku skang - as the others yg tinggal - we jst do the best as we can, and beyond it - ntah la. masing2 ada limitasi and threshold. 

i love my job. i love wat i am doin now. but sometimes - all dis bulshait around me, suffocates me. and leavin me wit no chance to choose. and chances to grow us up? no. theres no chance, at all. 

unless ur a big-shoot - dats somethg else.

eh, mls lah aku nak fikir. i wld like to think dat i'd love to contribute - as much as i can. and i will do as good as i can. 

5pm. dun feel like off for the gym.. esok je la kot. 


ah shit!


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