Friday, September 21, 2012

pre-wee hrs.

tangan gatal nak menulis. tp tak tau nak tulis apa. laptop aku yg dah berumur tu, rosak plak and aku dah anta kat Azmil IT-tech ofc aku. and guna dis notebook.. sigh.

lately, the insides of my head has been playing host to a whole slew of half-baked tots. seems like nthg much has changed in my abilities to process my trains of tots since i was a teenager. i always take a while. and i always get a nagging feeling wat writing it out wld help somehow. as if writing wld be the spring-cleaning of all the junk in my whole head - all categorised into boxes labelled "keep", "buang je lah!" and "misc. 1", "misc. 2", "misc. 3"..

aside from writing about the stuff which bothers me a lot, or stuff which i hope will elevate my thinking to better platform (heh, tak de lar sampai mcm Greek philosopher punya level, kot.. jst getting myself out of a dog running around in circles tryin to catch its own tail je..), i also want to write about stuff dat i've been reading, watching, or thgs i went thru like everyday. sucks. i knw. and its ok. to record, to externally mull and to set in stone the (harap-harap positif lah!) effects dat it had on me. i suppose knwing wat a forgetful person i am - i also do not want to knw dat i've spent hrs on somethg, jst to forget about it. i mght as well spent those hrs doin fcuk-all.

2.30am in the morn. and wat the heck i am doin in ere?    :-(

maybe my head will get clearer in a few hrs time. maybe? sigh.

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